Brass Instruments Service

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Location: Philadelphia, PA.942883_10151482294537763_1677434235_n-1

Before moving to Philadelphia, I worked in numerous cities including  Beijing, China, Dallas, TX, Oklahoma City, OK and Chicago IL. as  a brass instrument repair technician and custom product maker.

My past and current clients include musicians form: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Military Band of Chinese’s People’s Libration Army,China National Symphony Orchestra,  Beijing Symphony, Guang Zhou Symphony, Hang Zhou Philharmonic, Oklahoma City University, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Roosevelt University(IL), New Chicago Brass, Clark University(MA),  Elgin Symphony, Lake forest Symphony, South Bend Symphony, University of Illinois Chicago, Lakefront Brass, Axiom Brass, Temple University and many other professional and non-professional organizations


As a Professional member of NAPBIRT(National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians), we always provide professional quality work to our customers.

All the services listed below are fixed rate. Extra work or custom work is based on the hourly labor rate at $80/hr.

Mouthpiece Pulling—FREE

Stuck leadpipe/Tuning slide pulling – $5 each.

And of course, I fix dents!  Custom projects please contact in ahead to discuss the project details.

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——————Brass Instrument Chemical Clean(Full Service)/Trombone Slide Treatment——————-

Blow Easier, Blow Healthier!  No more RESIDUE/OXIDATION/FOOD DEBRIS!!!

Trumpet Chemical clean $120 (Lacquer))clean horn

Trumpet Chemical clean $130 (Silver)

Trombone Chemical Clean $60 (Straight)

Trombone with F attachment Chemical Clean $120

Bass trombone with double valves chemical clean $150

Trombone Slide Honing and teflon treatment  (especially for newer slides, it makes significant difference, recommend every 6 months) – $60.

French Horn Chemical Clean $90 (Single)

French Horn Chemical Clean $150 (Double)

Euphonium Chemical Clean $120 ($100 for 3 valves)

Tuba – 3 or 4 Pistons Chemical Clean $110 ($ 180 for Silver)

Tuba – 4 Rotors – $150 ($200 for Silver)

Tuba – 5 or more Rotors (or 4P+1R) – $175 ($220)

All chemical cleaning services include piston/rotor adjustments, water key pad replacement, slide cork replacement (trombone),  valve/tuning slide/hand slide lubrication, tarnish removal, and a final hand polish.  The water key spring will be replaced if necessary. All the instruments will be tested before handing them back to our customers. 

We will use Ultra-Pure products for valves, ball joints, tuning slides, and Ultra-Pure slide lube for trombone hand slides. Feel free to let me know if you would prefer other products.

An annual chemical cleaning of your instruments is highly recommended.

Once Again: Blow Easier, Blow Healthier!

———————————————–The JoyKey———————————————–

屏幕快照 2014-02-14 下午11.12.45

Imagine being able to eliminate the centuries old problem and the associated stress caused by water building up in brass instruments from your playing experience.

The JoyKey®, a quality product made in Germany, is the PROVEN, Intelligent solution for effortlessly and effectively removing water automatically from brass instruments.

The JoyKey® system enhances accuracy and productivity. Practicing and performing are more rewarding, fun and enjoyable.


JoyKey ————$45 plus labor of installation. Discount on labor will be applied when more than 1 JoyKeys installed on one instrument at the same appointment.

Replacement Water Wick———— $20 ( two wicks plus replacement o-rings)

Drop Sphere (Water Catcher) ———-$35 (Current out of stock)

屏幕快照 2014-02-14 下午11.17.58屏幕快照 2014-02-14 下午11.18.27屏幕快照 2014-02-14 下午11.21.46

—————————————————Minibal Conversion———————————————


Smooth and quiet, this is what you need!

Rotary valve Minibal linkage Conversion —-$200/rotor

Plastic Minibal style linkage Conversion——$50/rotor (Currently Unavailable)

———————————————-Trumpet Leadpipe Conversion————————————


Trumpet Leadpipe Conversion:

Leadpipes made by one of the best craftsman —$160 labor plus parts. Includes mouthpiece gap adjustment.

Movable Sonic Brace

A  moveable body brace that can offer different resistance and sound. Handmade by Ultimate Brass.-$50/ea.

————————————-Trombone Services———————————————-


Trombone valve conversion  — $280 per rotor plus parts (Rotax Rotor made by Wilson, Switzerland or Meinlschmidt Valve made in Germany, Hagmann, or Thayer). Additional charges based on the actual condition of the instrument.

Trombone Slide Honing and Teflon treatment  — $60 ( Try this. It’s worth a lot more than it costs. Once you have touched the slide, you will forget what you paid for this service).

Trombone Slide  Service A – $120

For slides that DO NOT need to be taken apart. Honing and teflon treatment included.

Trombone Slide Service B – $180

For slides that NEED to be taken apart. Honing and teflon treatment include.

Trombone F/Gb attachment Tuning Slide Lock Rings—$15/ea.

Custom rings are available.(i.e. size, width, name stamping etc). Also available for all other brass instruments. Highly recommended for Trombones and Horns! Click Here to Order

————————————————–Horn Service——————————————————-


French Horn Restring —$10 per rotor.

Screw Bell Conversion—$500 (unlacquered)


$550(spot lacquer)

French Horn Slide Lock Rings—$15/ea.

Custom rings are available.(i.e. size, width, name stamping etc). Also available for all other brass instruments. Highly recommended for Horns and Trombones! Click Here to Order


Once again, I fix dents.  For custom projects, please call in advance to discuss the project details. All the custom parts/instruments are not returnable and not refundable. I will not start the work until we reached an agreement.

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Ultimate Brass offers high standard, professional brass repair services in the greater Philadelphia area.


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  1. Sun did a great job on my tuba when I brought it to him for some minor modifications. He does everything on time and he is quite reliable.

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